Monday, March 1, 2010

Seizing of Chocolate

There is some talk about the seizing of chocolate due to the presence of moisture. Small amounts of moisture can cause the cocoa fat to separate from the cocoa liquor when it is being melted. More moisture can be added to make this chocolate usable for cooking, but it can never be tempered again. This is a very important consideration when melting chocolate with butter to create a more malleable chocolate. I was curious about why it couldn't be tempered, and at at what point (and why at that point) enough moisture will have been added to make the chocolate mixture smooth and usable. It would also be interesting to look at these properties as they pertain to different chocolates. A milk chocolate contains milk solids, so I don't know if it will seize in the same way. Dark chocolate comes with varying liquor and sugar contents which may affect how a chocolate seizes. Without understanding why it does this, seizing could be affected by the crystal structure of a the chocolate as well.

There isn't any more information about why this happens... can someone help????? Chocolate will be sent your way if you help....

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